blue light bae

turned off the bluelight filter (or on, however you say it) on the Tab A and now i don't eye strain anymore. SO nice!

I am also thinking about doing laundry tonight but the reality is, i am going to do it tomorrow before the sun comes up so i don't fry in the sun.

i also realize that i have basically nothing to write about right now. Just killing time until I get the book (physically!!!) published. That is going to be a big deal for me and esp since i am doing it 100% on my own w/ my OWN publisher (that being ME). If it weren't for the ISBN cost, I would already have it out by now, but I gotta fork out $125 for the ISBN next month. Then Pondered Publishers will be a real thing, too. So, that's cool.

I can't wait to physically hold this thing in my hand.